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Pastures on Shar Mountain (the largest in Europe), the fertile plains of Pelagonia (near Prilep), Polog plains (near Tetovo), Bitola plain where sunflower grows abundatly, pastures on Galichica Mountain, apples grown near Prespa Lake . . .

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Macedonian cities are surrounded with natural beauties which the local people do not even notice, because they are everyday scenery to them. But, many of the foreign tourists can only envy the natural riches that adorn our cities, towns and villages, although, no doubt, as cities and towns themselves they could look a lot more beautiful.

Skopje, Ohrid, Prilep . . .

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Prilep and its northern mountains, well-known by the first-class marble they have, which is exported to America, Japan . . .

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As for now, the ever greatest treasure of Macedonia is certainly the fact that Macedonian people keep on the tradition that was established by Jesus Christ himself, brought to this country by His direct follower St.Paul. In fact, if you want to find out the Truth, you should look no further! The Truth has been brought to you by Jesus Christ, the Lord and our Savior, Who is saving us from our sinful life which is spiritual darkness that is nowadays taking over the western world and little by little the eastern world, too. Macedonia, which is a center of the world, at the same time is the center of world Christianity. Not merely because of geographic reasons, but because the Christian doctrine kept by the Macedonian Orthodox Church has not changed since the time of Jesus. Unlike the reformed Catholicism and the new protestant churches, the Truth about Jesus Christ and the True way of salvation, here it is being kept in its purest form, thus untouchable by the world trends toward egoism, materialism and 'free sex' culture. Not only through the Church, but also through the strict family standards which highly value the love and faithfulness between man and woman, raising up the children, and keeping family ties with family members and relatives, the people who lives in Macedonia has come to the point that we are all brothers and sisters, children of The One God, our Heavenly Father!


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Zapovyad novuyu dayu vam, da lyubite druga druga: yakozhe vozlyubih vuy da y vuy lyubite sebe bolushy sem lyubve iiktozhe imat da kto dushu svoyu polozhyt za drugy svom.

I give you a new commandment now, to love each other: just as I loved you, you should love one another, so that you even put your own soul for your friend.